We are extremely delighted to introduce you to Garuda Associates which is on a fascinating path of growth and development. From its humble origin in 2022, Garuda Associates has emerged to a highly versatile provider of a comprehensive suite of investigation services in OD (Own Damage) Claims, Third-Party Claims, Accidental/Death Claims, and Theft Claims. Thanks to our capability to acclimatize with dynamic technologies while keeping the unique needs of our esteemed clients at the forefront of the company’s focus

We comprehend that it is only our quality of services that have, over the years, delighted our clients. And that this is why our clients consider Garuda Associates their ideal service solutions provider. We maintain a highly dependable and reliable workforce because we know that there is no substitute for quality solutions.

Our organization’s work culture is built upon commitment to dedication. Our diverse & talented teams are our greatest asset. We hold steadfast to our beliefs, values and code of ethics, and these are highly nurtured inside the company. Our teams of experts share common focuses, i.e., to serve our customers with quality services; to work with utmost efficiency so as not to miss out the client’s deadline; and to build solutions while maintaining affordability.